CONCIEL offers full turnkey engineering, procurement and construction of data center facilities, telecom infrastructure (site Biuld) and solar systems On-Grid and Off-Grid for commercial use.

Data Center
capable to execute a Turnkey Contract for the design, equipment supply and implementation of data center projects.
The projects cover facilities built to ensure reliable and sustainable services that consist of Installation of Electrical Equipment & Reticulation, Generators, Mains connection, DC power, HVAC and relevant Comfort Cooling, Close-Circuit Television (CCTV), Fire Detection and Suppression system, Building Management System (BMS), Proximity Access Control, Environmental Monitoring system and Raised Flooring.
CONCIEL designs solution which intends to increase the value of the operator’s investment in their physical infrastructure through the procurement of quality recognized equipment and products, supported by the provision of preventive maintenance and services to ensure service uptime.
CONCIEL design systems to enable client choosing the best solution that fit its requirements as need and load increases. The main building will be designed to change length based on the need (using partitions) and all the relevant E&M equipments will be designed to function independently or jointly in the case that a decision was made to start with less servers and increase accordingly. This means that the Server rooms can be partitioned and in that case less E&M equipment will be installed, once more servers are needed, additional E&M can be installed on different stages. That is each floor in the main building can be partitioned into two sections to allow 4 different independent sections with its own HVAC and FM200… in other words, if the server room is 1000 sqm and in the first year only 500 sqm is needed, why have Air conditions running for all the room. The room will be designed to be partitioned and with two separate HVAC systems, and two separate FM 200 systems… the first 500 sqm can be run independently, the partition is to be designed so that it is can be removed once the full space is needed.
CONCIEL have worked on different types of designs, prefabricated steel structures, containerized solutions and traditional brick and mortar buildings.
CONCIEL is capable to provide complete pre-contract services to client in the following areas:
•Architectural Design Services including local Planning Approval, Site Survey and Soil Investigation.
•Structural Design Services.
•Mechanical/Electrical Design, Fire Safety, Security, LAN Cabling and other Services complete.
•Quantity Surveying Services.
•Project Management

Telecom Infrastructure

Full service telecom infrastructure providing site acquisition, construction, installation and maintenance services to the wireless industry. We specialize in the development of turn-key tower sites for governments as well as the collocation companies. 
We are committed to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.
CONCIEL has the ability to effectively mobilize the people, skills, and technologies our clients need to improve service to their wireless customers. We keep our employees up-to-date and trained in next generation technologies and practices, and are committed to reducing negative impact on the environment. CONCIEL handles all private, commercial, and government wireless construction projects in-house to ensure that our clients' needs remain the priority at every stage of cell tower development. In addition we carefully coordinate our efforts with site surveyors, utility contractors, foundation drillers, electricians, riggers, tower manufacturers, building inspectors, concrete contractors, engineering firms, and various other professions.
•Site Acquisition and Permitting
•Design & Engineering
•Project Management
•Civil Works
•Tower Erection
•Electrical Works
•Mechanical Works
•Equip Implementation

Solar Systems

CONCIEL specializes in renewable energy system design, engineering and Installation.
CONCIEL distributes a comprehensive line of renewable energy systems and products along with energy conservation devices to minimize total project capital costs and maximize technological and systemic efficiencies.
Our expertise in Photovoltaics and Power Conversion Devices, coupled with our comprehensive line of Conservation Devices ensures that you receive the greatest value possible from your system purchase.
Our team of professionals provide a full service approach to projects that ensures our clients receive the maximum benefits from their systems through system design, product selection, and performance optimization. We have designed, supplied, installed and fully commissioned commercial and industrial systems in various climate zone .
We partner with brands from around the world that have a proven track record for quality in the renewable energy space.
As technology changes, we have the ability to implement true renewable solutions driven by far more than just solar panels.
Our design team can also customize a complete system unique to your specific application.