Relying on the extensive experience of our management consultants and, in coordination with our engineering and technology professionals, we help clients create value and engineer change through a unique combination of experts that understand the business – and focus on delivering value within timelines.

Over time, we have developed internal processes which depend and rely upon technologies to enable us to deliver the service within the most efficient way, saving time and money for our clients. The experience harvested by our consultants over the years enable specific consultants to jumpstart your organization’s project from the middle, instead of from scratch. For example, a project that may have ordinarily required 30 days, may be completed in 20 days – saving significant time and cost.
Latest technologies enables us provide remote consultancy projects, taking into consideration local factors. For example, a consultant residing in the UK can deliver a management consultancy project for a client in Nigeria, in coordination with our staff in the Nigerian office.

Business Process Management
Business Process Management (BPM) has been referred to as a “holistic management” approach to aligning an organization’s business processes with the wants and needs of clients. It promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility and integration with technology. Our approach translates strategy into execution, using process as the critical link to help organizations realize immediate and measurable results. We develop process-based governance and assets, enabling the right focus and helping decide where to innovate and what not to change. We then drive this to execution – aligning technologies, mobilizing people through change management and making rapid adjustments to both. While many companies provide assistance with specific elements of BPM, CONCIEL’s unique combination of skills, approaches, assets and tools, generates value quickly, delivers measurable results and creates durable BPM solutions
CONCIEL offers a full range of BPM offerings across consulting, technology and outsourcing that deliver value quickly, provide measurable results and have long lasting value.
Our BPM consulting solutions consist of BPM Lifecycle Management, Process Improvement, Change Management and Operating Model Strategy.
Within our Technology Practice, we offer BPM Automation, BPM Architecture and Enhanced ERP Implementation.
Our BPM outsourcing solutions consist of Process Repository Management, Applications Management and Business Process Outsourcing.

Quality Systems
CONCIEL Quality Consulting delivers tangible results in the shortest time and at the lowest cost, to help your organization be better at who they are and what they do.
The goal is not to just comply with the applicable ISO standard(s) but to demystify the requirements in order to add value to your organization through simplicity, increased effectiveness, greater efficiency and less cost.
CONCIEL Quality Consulting focuses on results-oriented, lean, quality consulting, efficient ISO quality audits, lean ISO manuals and documentation and effective practical ISO training.
Implementing a quality management system
Changing the quality culture
Implementing new methods such as failure mode effects analysis (FMEA), production part approval process (PPAP) or statistical process control (SPC)
Achieving quality certification ISO 9001, 27001, 22000, 17025, 15489, 2859
Leading, project managing and facilitating implementation teams
Writing manuals or procedural documents, e.g. quality management system (QMS)
Producing process definitions, e.g. organizational redesign
Producing detailed process maps
Another method of our service is by facilitating the work as an interim manager. This approach is beneficial for any organization that has a peoplepower issue or may not have need of a full time manager or may be experiencing difficulties in finding the right person in the timeframe required.
We transfer skills and competencies through:
Training courses or workshops;
Mentoring teams or individuals; and
Provision of books, training materials and other media.