In a data center or computer room, an efficient and reliable air-conditioning and cooling system is essential to protect your IT equipment from the risk of overheating. Moreover, because cooling is responsible for such a high share of the power consumption within the data center, selecting the right air conditioner can have a significant impact on a company’s costs – both financial and environmental.

Our approach, developed through years of dedicated engineering experience, means that you can be confident we will deliver an air-conditioning solution designed to meet the specific requirements of your server room layout and environment, using best-of-breed products, for outstanding performance and reliability.
Efficient and reliable by design
Our solutions utilize downdraught air-conditioning units and pressurized floor voids, so that cold air is delivered to exactly the required location. Together with utilizing the ceiling voids as the hot return air path, this approach ensures the most efficient solution. 
Remote monitoring and control
Our cooling systems offer the flexibility and convenience of remote monitoring and control, enabling temperature and humidity set points to be updated and critical indicators to be checked via web access.