Backup Power

A vital element in the safe operation of any server room is a consistent and reliable power supply. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems protect your IT equipment from abnormalities in power intake, preventing data loss and serious disruption to your business.

For large power ratings, even a 1% improvement in operating efficiency can yield substantial savings. Typical efficiency for the latest transformerless UPS technology ranges from 94% to 98% – a significant improvement at typical operating loads. We size and design the UPS or Rectifier systems ideal for your critical equipment loads.
Effective monitoring of essential power supplies
Many disasters that occur in computer rooms and data centers are completely preventable and begin as minor problems. These minor events can escalate rapidly because nobody is aware of the problem, until it is too late. Effective monitoring of the power supply is therefore essential. Our systems are designed with this philosophy as a top priority. We install BMS or DCIM systems to monitor the various power equipments in the data center facility.
We offer a complete deisng, delivery, installation and commissioning for major backup redundant power solutions