Dirigo Business Suite

DIRIGO is a single, integrated application suite that enables businesses to successfully handle their key core processes. DIRIGO Business Suite, is developed using latest .Net technology providing access via desktop application and web clientsoffered On Premise or SAAS Model. It is a complete suite of software designed to support all of the key processesCONCIEL DIRIGO enables measurement and control of all key business processes and embraces best practices to support companies; whether in a single site or across an entire global organization. Thanks to its modifiable source code and easy-to-use customization tools, it is completely adaptable 


 It is a system that optimizes the processes below:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP that Rapidly adjusts to business change, Manufacturing ERP or Project ERPCONCIEL DIRIGO is not complex and rigid like some other ERP suites. Rather, it is designed to rapidly adjust to changes in businessmaximizing enterprise agility. It is designed with the management processes as the backbone and the accounting and finance as option.  It has native functionality for enterprise project management (EPM), enterprise asset management (EAM) and service management. 

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Full Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Fleet Management, and Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS). CONCIEL DIRIGO delivers easy-to-use features for managing the entire lifecycle of a company’s assets. It helps businesses simplify and streamline every step of their maintenance operationsIt facilitates preventative maintenance, purchase order automation and supplier and vendor tracking. Additionally, it offers multi-site asset tracking, contract and project management (with mobile work order approval), advanced schedulingpreventive maintenance and ‘business intelligence’ capability.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Field Service Management, Mobile workforce Management, Service ManagementService life-cycle management software for every type of service provider; CONCIEL DIRIGO allows managing services whether provided in the field, in a plant or at a customer's site. Service delivery can be either through booking appointments or against service level agreements (SLAs) by focusing on the management of work orders, contracts, warranties, parts, and the scheduling of mobile resources.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

SCM embedded in ERP for finance, manufacturing, purchasing and sales. As a support function for ERP and EAM or as a powerful logistics solution. CONCIEL DIRIGO simplifies making accurate procurement decisions with a firm grasp of your inventory levels using integration with the Warehouse and preventive maintenance scheduling. In addition to purchasing features, this solution includes supplier management, vendor-managed inventory support and order fulfillment. PO processing features include payment forecasting, document management, integrated workflow functionality and advanced contract status analytics.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

ERP with CRM built in for customer lifecycle management and service. CONCIEL DIRIGO manages your sales orders and grows your business by helping you automate and eliminate cumbersome sales processes; including quote generation, tracking opportunity stages, updates on close dates and amounts, and won opportunitiesIt magnifies the visibility of your data to help you quickly identify important sales opportunities and risks at each stage in the sales cycle, in addition to tracking progress against sales goals. It can automate approvals and workflow and automate redundant tasks.

Warehouse Management (WMS)

Project Procurement, Maintenance Procurement, Multiple Warehouse. CONCIEL DIRIGO organizes and tracks inventory and streamlines the inflow and outflow of material, so that inventory levels do not become too high or too low. It facilitates buffer stock, in order to meet all uncertainties, maintenance and production management requirements. It allows supplier returns, stock returns and reservations; as well as managing quantities of used parts in parallel with new ones. It can monitor and report stock levels, costs and averages and inventory levels can be viewed by location, category or overall item history.

Human Resource Management (HRMS)

Recruitment, Training, attendance, Appraisal, Payroll and expense Management. CONCIEL DIRIGO automates the essential processes for workforce management as well as workflow management, scheduling and collaboration. It allows storage of all employee information in a singular place; track an employee’s history at your company with ease; retrieve employee information quickly; and secure confidential employee information to protect privacy, create HR documents, employee handbooks, office policies and job descriptions. It can quickly provide reports on leaves, loans, performance and integrate with your company’s payroll.

DIRIGO Modules

DIRIGO Advantages

Unlike other Business solutions, DIRIGO does not require costly contracts, it can be through monthly payments, or lease scenarios. Yes, you can finally create the perfect enterprise-wide decision support system, deploy it to all your users and provide them the necessary tools, all in an affordable and cost-effective manner.
Easy to Use : If you use Microsoft Office, DIRIGO user interface seems familiar. New users find our software easy to understand, navigate and master.
Powerful Workflow: Using workflow rules, DIRIGO Business Suite streamlines and automates your operational processes, reducing errors and creating new efficiency.
Custom Implementation: Before your solution is implemented, our expert team will analyze and evaluate your operation to focus on ensuring how our software will meet your business needs.
Planning: Our careful planning and analysis help us to understand you and your business, so that we can build a strong, successful future together.
Work Smoothly: Our system track and integrate multiple modules from customers to suppliers passing through the internal processes
Customized Reports: Our reporting structure captures most of the industry’s best practices KPI in addition to customized reports developed per client

Dirigo Advantages

  • Built In Data Validation
    Built In Data Validation

    Predefined validation rules 

  • Business Process State
    Business Process State

    change the state of a record using state machines

  • Customize Print Reports at Run time
    Customize Print Reports at Run time

     create and share reports at runtime

  • DIRIGO User interface
    DIRIGO User interface

    User Friendly Interface

  • Elegant Data Representation
    Elegant Data Representation

    tree-based navigation to an Outlook style NavBar

  • Export and print data
    Export and print data

    automatically export and print data displayed 

  • Managing Business Workflows
    Managing Business Workflows

    A built-in module facilitates creation, execution and deployment of workflows

  • Modular Architecture
    Modular Architecture

    DIRIGO has an  MVC architecture

  • Notifications and Alerts
    Notifications and Alerts

    Set up an alert and get notified immediately

  • Straight Forward Security
    Straight Forward Security

    role-based security that supports Active Directory authentication

  • Straight Forward Security
    Straight Forward Security

    role-based security that supports Active Directory authentication

  • Task Management Per module
    Task Management Per module

    Tasks assigned to users and to employees

Out-of-the Box Modular Architecture

DIRIGO has an MVC architecture that is proven, modularized and support distributed scenarios (N-tier) out of the box.
The placement of every piece of custom functionality is clear. With DIRIGO, we can easily customize applications that run on both Windows and the Web with a common code base, which means less work to evolve and maintain it over time. Extensibility is guaranteed because DIRIGO is a highly customizable modularized framework.
As you can see in the following diagram, DIRIGO is built on a standard three tier architecture.

  • ORM Layer (Entity Framework or XPO)
    The ability to use object-based data handling, instead of direct interaction with databases, leads to a layer that provides mapping of objects into database tables (Object-Relational Mapping tool). 
    Business Class Library
    The Framework comes with a Business Class Library - a set of business classes that will need most frequently. We can use these classes directly, modify our implementation or create your own replacements. 
    Application Specific Business Classes
    These are the business classes that are written specifically for a given application. They can reuse the Business Class Library functionality or be implemented stand-alone.
    Controller Library
    Controllers are objects that manage your application's flow. They are also responsible for end-user interaction. These default Controllers are primarily responsible for data management. With their help, you can add new records, delete existing ones, perform a full text search, etc.
    Application Specific Controllers
  • These are the Controllers that are written to provide a custom functionality in your application. They can reuse or modify Controllers from the Controller Library or be implemented stand-alone.
  • Views / Reports
    Views are the user interface representations of (potentially editable) data, while reports are representations for the purpose of reporting to screen, paper, web or export formats. 
    Application Model
    The Application Model is a collection of information on which the automatic mechanisms in the DIRIGO Framework, including UI generation, are based. Sources of model data include metadata queried from business classes and Controllers, default information from standard or custom modules included in a given application, and configuration files on various levels. An important part of the development work for a DIRIGO application is to modify the Application Model specifying options and parameters for the automatic mechanisms.
    WinForms / ASP.NET
    Windows Forms and ASP.NET are the two user interface platforms that are currently supported. 

Built-in Data Validation

DIRIGO provides an elegant solution to determine whether end-user data manipulations satisfy predefined rules. Predefined validation rules cover multiple use-case scenarios. For utmost flexibility, you can create custom rules to fit any business requirement. All of this extends productivity because you can leverage a single declarative approach which is abstracted from platform complexities.

Elegant Data Representation

With DIRIGO, we design your business model and then allow the application to handle all data management tasks.  The User Interface provides a highly customizable navigation and menu system - you can set one option to switch from tree-based navigation to an Outlook style NavBar. The same goes for switching from a classic menu system to Outlook Ribbon or switching from SDI to a tabbed MDI. If you need a calendar, you simply check the scheduler.

Customize Print Reports at runtime

DIRIGO integrates the award-winning XtraReports Suite and allows end-users to create and share reports at runtime. This module allows you to save reports in your database and display it for end-users on all supported platforms with little or no effort. DIRIGO also includes a runtime designer which is fully integrated with the business model and allows end users to design custom reports and share them as needed. Generated reports can also be filtered based on security permissions.

And DIRIGO  allows you to automatically export and print data displayed in the UI controls within your app - no need to write any unnecessary code.

Managing Business Processes

DIRIGO simplifies the use of the Workflow Foundation platformA built-in module facilitates creation, execution and deployment of workflows. All you'll need to know are general concepts associated with workflow design. You can create workflow activities at both design and run time using a visual designer. A set of pre-built workflow activities for addressing mundane business tasks are available. A built-in State Machine module can be used for lightweight scenarios, like managing a business entity's status ("in progress", "completed", "paused", etc.). End-users have a rich set of options to create, share and customize state machines. The State Machine module allows you to easily manage a business object's status. A good example of a stateful object is a task - with the following states: not started, in progress, completed, paused, etc. Until a task is started, it cannot be completed. By using the State Machine module, you can define this logic by specifying valid state transitions. You can also specify appearance rules for different states so they will be applied when a state changes. The State Machine module automatically creates status change Actions and puts them into a Detail View.

Notifications and Alerts

Keep on top of everything, all the time. Need to know when an inventory level drops? Set up an alert and get notified immediately. Every system user can set up a series of notifications to provide them with the real time information of their choice, allowing users to keep up with the real-time speed of business.

Straightforward Security

DIRIGO includes standard role-based security that supports Active Directory authentication and permissions at the Type, Instance and Field level. These permissions can be configured via an easy-to-use UI at runtime or in code. End-users can create roles, users and permissions without any intervention.

It’s like having a security guard for every user. DIRIGO allows you to customize user access to critical information and functionality by roles and responsibilities. Easy to customize by user, our system ensures that your data and functionality are secured for use by only those critical to specific operations. The system also includes an audit trail for tracking purposes to make it easy to follow users throughout the system.